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"Erotic City"

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

"I got grooves and grooves up on the shelf, deep purple concord jams." Prince 1991

Someone actually had the nerve to ask me, "What do you see in that doily-covered, purple freak??"

Why do I love him? It all began in the eighth grade. I won a set of albums. Long live vinyl!!

Purple Rain was one of them.

This album became, and remains, my favorite one because it was contraban in my house. I did not know my mother was listening when I played Darling Nikki. It became illegal, and after I read the lyrics, I found out why. "Hey, my kind of singer," I thought to myself. The rest is history.

Why is the Man:

He is a musical genius. All geniuses are misunderstood.

His music saw me through depression and insomnia.

He has a song to match every one of my moods.

He is passionate and spiritual.

Sheila E.

Can this protége be any hotter? She is the sexiest and most talented of them all. Check out a website dedicated solely to this goddess, and you will understand why I lust for her.

Another Thing I Love