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in a nutshell

I eat apples in the morning.
I sleep a lot.
I love to cuddle.
I love puppies.
The ocean heals me.
I'm moody.
I had a baby chick as a pet.
I never met a pesto pizza I didn't like.
I love Godfather II.
Raspberry Sherbet Freezes are some of my weaknesses.
I voted for Hillary's husband--twice.
I've visited Pompeii.
I'm allergic to eggs.
I laugh too much.
You can never go wrong sending me a bouquet of sunflowers.
I love surprises.
I love giving gifts.
I hate popcorn.
My feelings are easily hurt.
I give great massages.
I floss everyday.
I'm a mezzo soprano.
Oreo cookies (sans milk) are my best friends.
I am a Roman Catholic--->from a long line of Orthodox ones.
I love cold fried chicken and hot white rice.
I drink iced tea in restaurants.
I love to take hot baths.
Denny's strawberry pancakes are food of the gods.
I don't usually cry, but when I do, I wail.
Antonio Sabato Jr. is the finest man alive.
I like the bread at Black Angus.
I listen to Gregorian Chants when I meditate.
It isn't Christmas until I hear Pavarotti sing Oh Holy Night.
My favorite made-for-TV movie is Savannah Smiles.
I'm a Leo.
I start dancing when I hear I like it like that.
Salma Hayek is all that and a bag of Doritos.
I love rubies.
I think aliens exist, and they think we're nosy.
I keep a journal.
I hate watching people lose at gambling.
And God Created Woman is my favorite Prince song.
I love cucumber sushi. (Kappa Maki)
I think ghosts have way too much time on their hands.
I think state lotteries are scams.
Love makes my world go round.

OK, so, it was a big nut!!
WARNING: This entire site, with its bajillion pages is about me. Self-centered, egotistical, and arrogant you say? I can deal with that. I've been called worse.