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"Coffee Talk"

You are now witnessing one of my addictions. Chatting is both the joy and bane of my existence. Why? I am happy when I am doing it, and sad when I am not. Such is the life of a computer geek.

Chat rooms are like great coffehouses, without my usual cafe au lait. They are filled with a bunch of people talking about nothing, basically shooting the B.S. The cool thing about this cyber coffee house is the way you can chat with people from all over the world. I consider myself a cosmopolitan kind of gal, and my friends span the globe.

I usually frequent WBS, but recently, I have been a regular in the Asisan women room of At any given time, you can find me chatting under the handles:

You are most likely to find me in Girl Chat or Asian Women, rooms intended for the alternative lifestyle, adult community. They are for women-loving-women. I have made some really great friends. They include (in no particular order):

Rude chatters are my biggest pet peeve. What constitutes a rude chatter? Let's see:

Sharing enormous .gif and .jpg/.jpeg files
Nudie pictures that would make a prostitute blush
PM-ing for cyber sex
Publically asking for cyber sex
Offering us a one-way ticket to hell because we're bi or lesbian.
Men who assume their appendages can make us straight.

I do not appreciate any of these. They work my last good nerve, even on a good day. If you piss me off, watch out. I have a bad temper and a razor-sharp tongue. Please don't provoke me. Be nice, and I will reciprocate. Be obnoxious, and you will feel the wrath of this woman's scorn.

Despite my harsh warnings, please don't hesitate to drop by and say, HELLO. Those who are exceptionally charming will get an extra-special welcome, from the unofficial tarot teller of Girl Chat and the unofficial manghuhula of Asian Women.

Happy Chatting!!!

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