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April 1994

"Those Glamour Shot people sure are miracle workers, aren't they?"

July 1994

Cheryl (L) and Grace (R) at Ed Debevic's restaurant in Beverly Hills.

God, we were so young!!

December 1998

Cheryl (L) and Grace (R) at Coherent Medical's holiday party.

Older and wiser. OK, OK, just older.

June 1998

Kaye (a.k.a. Asgaya-Gigagei, the bisexual Cherokee god/goddess of thunder) (L) and I (R) dancing at the Dyke March Street Party in San Francisco.

July 1998

Lookie Lookie!! I am Kaye's bitch! It's fun pretending you're a sub.

Rachel (L), Kaye (C), Cheryl (R)


Please follow this link to see a picture of my new niece. It's a huge .jpg file, but it's definitely worth it!

More Pictures to Come!!


The LABRYS is a double-sided axe commonly used in ancient Amazon and matriarchal societies (European, African and Asian). It represents the Amazon's "dual-queen system" of rule. One queen was in charge of the army and battles, and the other queen stayed behind to administer the conquered cities. In ancient mythology, Demeter, the goddess of the earth, used the labrys as her sceptor. Rites associated with worshipping Demeter often involved lesbian sex. Today, the labrys is used as a lesbian and feminist symbol for strength and self-sufficiency.

You can learn more about Amazon societies, by checking out this cool website: Amazon Women Warriors in Ancient History. These women were strong, powerful, and could kick some ass!!

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